Lead Colour Chart

We currently offer carp fishing leads in 11 different colours. We have just added 2 new colours which are not listed below but soon will be.

If you do not fancy an off the shelf colour we can discuss mixing a colour specifically for you.

Please contact us for more information.

Camo Black – Smooth

Camo Brown – Smooth

Camo Dark Sand – Smooth

Camo Dirty Sand – Smooth

Camo Muddy Green – Smooth

Camo Stone – Smooth

Camo Lime – Smooth

Camo Sand – Smooth

Camo Silty Gravel – Smooth

Camo Black – Textured

Camo Brown – Textured

Camo Dark Sand – Textured

Camo Dirty Sand – Textured

Camo Weedy Green – Textured

Camo Stone – Textured

Camo Lime – Textured

Camo Sand – Textured

Camo Silty Gravel – Textured